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Simple tool to create and share interactive content.

Interactive content helps you create powerful experiences for your audience by encouraging them to actively engage with it rather than passively consume it.
We help you build such mobile-ready interactive content through a simple, no-code system. You can share the content across platforms of your choice and use it to collect analytics and acquire qualified leads.
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Create a story with text, images and videos. Ideal for creating mobile responsive presentations and interactive stories
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See Quiz Samples


Create a quiz with a wide range of picture-based question formats. Ideal for fun trivia games or as learning engagements
See Some Samples
See Assessment Samples


Create a test with weighted questions and content uploaders. Ideal for assessing knowledge, compliance or as learning tests
See Some Samples
See Profiler Samples


Create an evaluation quiz with profile-mapping questions. Ideal for psychometric evaluation and personality tests
See Some Samples
See Survey Samples


Create a survey with a range of question formats. Ideal for collecting feedback and data, and conducting market research
See Some Samples
See Poll Samples


Create a poll for collecting your audience's opinion on a subject. Ideal for quick in-event feedback and feature dipsticks
See Some Samples
See Feedback Samples


Create a system to collect your audience's feedback on an experience. Ideal for event and product experience study
See Some Samples
See Submission Samples


Create a form for submitting a document, photo, file, etc. Ideal for recruitment campaigns, contests and lessons
See Some Samples
See Game Samples


Create hyper-casual games by picking from our template library. Ideal for engagement campaigns and brand evangelization
See Some Samples
See Recommendation Samples


Create a recommendation system based on user responses. Ideal for product awareness, selection and referral campaigns
See Some Samples
See Calculator Samples


Create a calculator with sliders and Excel formulae. Ideal for product pricing, fee calculators and scenario builders
See Some Samples
See Linklist Samples


Create a list of links for the user to navigate to. Ideal for combining the other formats into large interactive stories
See Some Samples
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Great for personal use, students and bloggers
  • Upto 5 active campaigns
  • All interactive content formats
  • Amplayfy attribution
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Great for teachers, professors and tutors
  • Up to 25 active campaigns
  • All interactive content formats
  • Amplayfy attribution
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Great for freelancers and small businesses
  • Up to 100 active campaigns
  • All interactive content formats
  • Customizable branding
  • Unlimited lead collection
$99.99/ Month
Great for enterprises and digital agencies
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • All interactive content formats
  • No Amplayfy attribution
  • Customizable branding
  • Unlimited lead collection
  • Advanced audience insights
  • Chaining and Logic Jumps
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